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8 Reasons why you should hire a Wedding Stylist

So, what exactly is a Wedding Stylist?

Think of a wedding stylist as the ‘interior designer’ of your wedding. It is possible to also hire a wedding ‘designer’ but commonly, the stylist will take on both of these roles. We design the concept, source all of the elements to fit within that design, then style those elements to create a cohesive visual story across every area of your wedding. We balance the practicalities of design with the aesthetics. For example, making sure that there is enough room for easy flow around the space or ensuring that there is ample comfortable seating for your more elderly guests. Whilst also making sure that everything within the space not only serves a purpose, but also fits perfectly and beautifully within the design.

We are all about the style and aesthetics of your day, but we also take into consideration the overall ambience, incorporating elements to evoke emotion and delight your guests.

Why hire a Wedding Stylist?

1. Finding your wedding style

Your wedding stylist will work with you to find your wedding style. Your wedding day is uniquely personal and should be a true reflection of you – your taste, your style and your story. Finding your wedding style is therefore the key to designing a concept that reflects all of this. A wedding stylist has the knowledge and ability to draw inspiration from you to ensure your day is authentically you. To learn more, take a look at my tips for finding your wedding style here.

2. Connections with the best suppliers

Stylists come with an extensive little black book of trusted and talented wedding suppliers across every field within the industry. Florists, cake designers, stationers, venues, photographers etc.

By working with a stylist, you get direct access to these incredible suppliers. They will also help you hand pick those who are best suited to your design. By communicating your exact vision to these suppliers, your stylist will ensure that everything fits within that design. The final look and feel of your day will be consistent, cohesive and true to your vision.

3. Furniture and prop sourcing

Stylists often come with their own collection of props and furniture for you to hire, or will know exactly where to find what you need! You may find some items on the high street, but furnishing your entire wedding this way soon becomes very pricey and unrealistic! Your wedding stylist will help you set a budget for hire items and prioritise where you spend your money. Hiring items from your stylist or other trusted suppliers will ultimately save you money and a considerable amount of time.


We offer an extensive range of furniture, statement pieces, props and styling accessories for hire at The W Collection, which is available at a 20% discount when hired in conjunction with our styling services. For anything we don’t stock, we offer a sourcing service to ensure that every detail is covered.

4. Venue advice

If you are still in the early stages of planning your wedding, a wedding stylist will be able to advise you on your venue choice. Your wedding venue is the backbone to your wedding design and determines how the rest of your concept will come together. Using the expertise of a wedding stylist will help to ensure your design concept suits your chosen venue, or that your venue suits you concept (depending on which way around you do things!). There is little point in having a rustic barn venue if your wedding concept is a more fine art, timeless design better suited to a grand manor house. That’s not to say that styles cannot be mixed, but knowing how to do this effectively so that each style complements the other, also falls within the credentials of a wedding stylist.

5. A wedding stylist removes ‘on-the-day’ stress

Having a wedding stylist on board will alleviate the pressure on you, on the day of your wedding. It takes a lot of work and time to style an entire venue and the less you need to worry about doing on the morning of your wedding, the better! You can relax in the knowledge that you have a professional taking care of everything and making sure it looks the way you want it to, so you can get on with enjoying your day. Your wedding stylist will help in coordinating all the aesthetic suppliers and ensure that every element is in place and the styling is fine tuned and looking stunning before you make your grand entrance!

6. Meticulous attention to detail

Detail is in the blood of a wedding stylist! Well thought out, intentional design, will mean that no detail is left un-considered. Your wedding stylist will make sure that everything is not only in place, but perfectly placed! They have the imagination and ideas to add a certain ‘zing’ to your design and the experience to execute the concept with precision. They know just what to include and when enough is enough – it is so easy to over design, but your stylist will know when to stop!

Tablescape details

7. Break down and pack away

There is nothing more anticlimactic after your big day, than waking up to the clear up! Your wedding stylist will be on hand to make sure everything is ‘deconstructed’ and packed away for collection by any rental suppliers, in a timely and efficient manner. You can rest assured that your venue will be left as you found it without roping in your tired (and possibly somewhat hungover) family to do the tidying up first thing in the morning. All you should be worrying about is making sure you have your passport in hand and a taxi ready, to whisk you off to the airport for your honeymoon!

8. A wedding stylist will turn your dreams to reality!

You have spent months, possibly even years, dreaming of your wedding day. You’ve undoubtedly had lots of ideas and a few sleepless nights trying to work out which elements to incorporate into your design. Your wedding stylist will take your dreams, bring clarity to your ideas and translate them into a workable and beautiful design – ultimately bringing your dreams to reality.


If you would like to know more about how we can work with you to create a design concept for your wedding and bring that design to life with our styling services, contact us.


Image credits:

Concept, Styling & Design: The W Studio

Prop Rentals: The W Collection

Photography: Veronika Ward

Floral design: Iris & Co 

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