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Our Favourite Summer Wedding Trends 2023

Embracing Classic Furniture, Sustainable Materials, and Bold Colours for this season’s Summer Wedding Trends.

As the sunny season arrives in full bloom, let’s embrace the vibrant summer wedding trends that define this glorious time of year. From timeless furniture pieces to sustainable materials and bold colour schemes, Summer 2023 brings a delightful mix of classic elegance and contemporary flair. In this blog post, we’ll explore our favourite summer wedding trends, highlighting key styling techniques that will transform your wedding or event into a haven of style and sophistication.

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Embracing Classic Furniture:

Starting with our favouite Summer wedding trend. Classic furniture pieces never go out of style, and this Summer season truly celebrates their enduring charm. Think graceful curved button-back chairs, elegant soft-lined sofas, and sleek mid-century modern side tables. These timeless treasures not only add a touch of sophistication to your space but also provide comfort and functionality. Their versatility allows them to seamlessly blend with your event style, making them the perfect customisable feature in your setup.

Sustainable Materials:

Sustainability is a summer wedding trend that continues to gain momentum, and this year is no exception. Natural materials are taking centre stage, with a focus on eco-friendly options. Embrace furniture made with reclaimed wood, rattan, or bamboo, as these materials not only bring a sense of warmth and texture but also reduce environmental impact. Incorporate organic textiles such as linen and cotton for cushions and rugs promoting a natural and more sustainable wedding or event.

Bold Colours and Patterns:

We are already seeing so much colour and pattern make a triumphant return, injecting energy and vibrancy into the wedding and event industry. Bold tones like olive green, dusty blue, and rich terracotta dominate, creating a striking focal point in any space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns – experiment with floral prints and geometric designs for a playful and eclectic ambience. Whether through accent pillows, statement rugs, or an eye-catching mix of textures and tones, this summer wedding trend of bold colours and patterns breathes life into your decor.

Blending Indoor and Outdoor Living:

Summer invites us to embrace the beauty of nature, and the summer wedding trend of blending indoor and outdoor relaxing spaces allows us to do just that. Create a seamless transition between your indoor sanctuary and outdoor oasis by incorporating elements of nature such as oversized plants indoors and essentials such as comfortable luxury sofas outdoors.
Embrace natural light and breezes, bringing the essence of the outdoors into your space. Consider outdoor furniture pieces that mirror your indoor style, such as weather-resistant wicker lounges or bamboo to create a harmonious flow between spaces.


Summer 2023 brings a delightful mix of timeless elegance, sustainable choices, and vibrant colours and patterns. By embracing classic furniture, incorporating sustainable materials, and being bold with your choice of design elements, you can create a stylish and inviting event that reflects the spirit of the season. Whether you choose to introduce classic pieces that stand the test of time or make a bold statement with vibrant hues, let these summer wedding trends be an opportunity to infuse your wedding or event with personality and charm.

Embrace the trends that resonate with you, and ensure the occasion becomes a sanctuary of style and comfort as you bask in the beauty of Summer 2023.


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