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With a focus on style, we design creative and distinctive weddings for modern couples.

Our Ethos
The experience of being a style concious bride


It is therefore crucial that you have a comfortable and trusting relationship with your wedding suppliers.

The most effective and creative collaborations stem from a natural connection, which is why I strive to work with couples who are like-minded and live by similar values to me.

It is this ethos that allows me to deliver a personal and meticulous service to my clients. I extend these values to the suppliers I choose to work with and will only recommend those who I feel are a perfect fit for you, your style and your vision

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I believe in helping you create memories based on your own traditions, full of fun and creativity

THE Journey
couple with the experience of wedding planning

This journey should be an enjoyable experience and by working with me I can guide you through each stage, keep you on track to ensure you remain focused on what is important to you and take the stress out of the process.

We begin our journey with a consultation, either by skype or in person, where we will discuss your ideas, look at your timeline and run through the process in more detail, but most importantly, we will get to know each other to ensure we are the right fit.

From here, the fun really begins!

I spend time to really get to know you as a couple, to discover what is important to you and to uncover your true ‘wedding style’:

With an overwhelming amount of inspiration available on social media, I specialise in bringing clarity to your vision and honing in on what is most important to you. Identifying how your wedding should look and feel, so that it emulates your personalities and taste with beautiful, stylish simplicity.

Our exclusive ‘style clarity’ process involves looking at: your taste in fashion, design and interiors; what food makes you find room for more; your go to drink and where you like to drink it; where you spend your time when time is not a factor; your favourite places to eat, shop and meet friends; whether you’re more likely to book a luxury beach villa, a city escape or an adrenaline fuelled adventure; your preference for a cosy night at home or a wild night out, a quick take-away or a lovingly prepared home cooked meal. And so, so much more. All of these details paint me a picture of who you are as a couple and what your priorities are when it comes to how your wedding should look and feel.

Your wedding should reflect everything that makes you, you and it is my job to draw on all of these things – seamlessly blending your likes, tastes and style to design a day that is distinctive and undeniably yours.


to get it right for your special day. Nothing else will compare to her innate sense of style and panache.
Perfectionist is her middle name”

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