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Wedding Supplier Top Tips – Film Photography

As a wedding planner, it is my job to source and recommend all other wedding suppliers to my couples. It is imperative that I pair the right suppliers to the right clients and ensure their style, aesthetic, values and vision are aligned. It is therefore incredibly important to me that I know suppliers well, so that I can confidently recommend the right people. Through working together on weddings, styled shoots and from connecting at events or online, I have built up a long list of talented suppliers from every area of the wedding industry who I trust implicitly to provide an exceptional service to my clients.

I know enough about each area to make the right recommendations, but I don’t pretend to be an expert in any other field. I thought, therefore, that it would be helpful to you to introduce some of my ‘go to’ supplier friends and let them share with you their top tips for their area of expertise.

This week I have had the pleasure of talking to Camilla from Camilla Arnhold Photography about why she loves to shoot weddings in film and why it should be a serious consideration for couples when choosing the photography style for their wedding. Camilla is a Dorset based photographer, specialising in timeless, elegant and romantic wedding photography.

Over to Camilla!

“5 reasons I love to use film for wedding photography”

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Film photography is something that most people think died out with Kodak instant cameras but I’m going to tell you that film photography is still very much alive and why it is so perfect for weddings.

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Film has soul. Film photographs are real works of art. Each one is created with a chemical reaction within a camera, which makes them totally unique. The craft that goes into making film photos gives them so much more meaning than digital snaps and each image has a romantic and dreamy quality.

When I am photographing on film I am already imagining the image in a beautiful handmade album, which will become a family heirloom to be handed down the generations.

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Film loves light. There is a luminous quality to film photographs, which makes the images come alive. The light seems to literally shine out of them, which makes for ethereal, romantic images and why I think it is the perfect medium for wedding photography. I am often asked how I get my wedding photos to look so bright and airy and the answer is film.



Film makes you slow down – taking photos on film make the photographer really consider each frame they shoot. Before I click the shutter I make sure I’m happy with the light, composition and posing of the couple. This makes for much more artistic and considered photography.


Film is so flattering – the beautiful soft tones of film make it such a flattering medium to work with and perfect for weddings. Flowers seem to spring to life and skin tones are creamy and radiant. Digital photography can be quite harsh and unforgiving in it’s high definition whereas film makes everyone look good!


Film is timeless –  The elegant and flattering look that film produces is why I find it particularly suited to weddings. There are no gimmicks or effects. Film images will look as good now as they will in 30 years time. The couples I photograph have put hundreds of hours into the planning and aesthetic of their wedding so I want their photographs to be a true representation of the beautiful day so that when they look back at their photos in the years to come every memory will come flooding back.

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Huge thanks to Camilla for sharing some of the reasons she loves to shoot in film. I am so glad to see film photography making a come back and I couldn’t agree with Camilla more that it should be a serious consideration for couples when choosing their wedding photography style.

All photography featured is by Camilla.

To find out more about Camilla’s style and view more of her beautiful images, find her at:






5 reasons to love film photography